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Hamilton Playbox Repertory Society Incorporated

Charities Commission registration number: CC42426

Greetings and welcome to the home of one of New Zealand's longest running dramatic societies.

Within these pages you will find all you need to know about Hamilton Playbox.  By following the links on the left you will learn about the upcoming productions and events, news and current happening at Playbox.  There is extensive information about our history starting with our founding father Walter Russell-Wood, followed by an exhaustive list of our past shows since 1933 and then our past committee executive members, also since 1933.  There is a page that explores the venues that Playbox have been involved with over the years.  You will find a membership form that you can fill out online and submit, or download and post in.  There is an extensive list of links to like minded websites and sponsors, photos of Playbox members 'playing up since 1933' and information on how to contact us.

The current committee is working hard to keep bringing Hamilton top quality productions.  To meet this fine group of individuals, scroll down now and meet the Hamilton Playbox committee.