2020 Markham webMove Over Mrs Markham

by Ray Cooney and John Chapman.
Directed by Sean Dwyer.

Audition date: Sunday March 15, 2020, from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. A group audition so you need to be available for the full two hours. Depending on numbers, we could be finished in less time.

Venue for auditions and rehearsals: Riverlea Theatre, 83 Riverlea Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton.

Season: June 13-27. Benefit night on June 12.

Rehearsals: Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. Times to be confirmed. NB: No rehearsals Easter and ANZAC weekends, but you must be available Queens Birthday Weekend.

What to prepare for the audition: Please bring a sense of humour, willingness to have fun, an ability to take direction and work in a team – and of course demonstrate your acting ability. Audition will include group exercises and improvisation work.

About the play: Philip Markham is a straight-laced London publisher who agrees to let his business partner, Henry Lodge, borrow his apartment for the evening to "entertain" Henry’s latest girlfriend. At the same time, Linda Lodge persuades Joanna Markham to let her borrow the apartment, so she can entertain her lover. What nobody knows is that the interior designer, who had been decorating the apartment for the past three months, has decided that this was the night he and the au pair would try out the Markham’s new round bed! The Markhams are delayed in leaving the apartment as Olive Harriet Smythe (a no-sex-please very successful author of children’s books) has unexpectedly arrived looking for a new publisher, so when all three couples converge on the apartment, expecting to find it empty, the ultimate in chaos, confusion and madcap hilarity ensues.

What people have said about the play:
• Was a real farce – in fact it brought the house down
• Funniest show I've seen this year. If laughter cures what ails you – this is your prescription!
• The show is designed to be carefully organised chaos – the wit was non-stop riotous
• A very entertaining night at the theatre and not one to be missed.


The roles available:
NB: Age range is 30+, but negotiable and of more importance is to consider acting experience, character compatibility and development. Ideally Felicity Jane is the youngest, and Olive Harriet Smythe is the oldest.

• Philip Markham: A publisher and Joanna's husband, Philip is a pleasant and studious man with a worried air which comes from years of being on the losing side of life. He is very conservative and old-fashioned.
• Joanna Markham: A sophisticated woman. She is married to Philip Markham, and is the central character in the play.
• Linda Lodge: Joanna's friend and Henry Lodge's wife. Vivacious and slightly scatter-brained, she is tired of being the only faithful partner in her marriage.
• Henry Lodge: Philip's successful business partner, and married to Linda Lodge. He is full of masculine confidence and swagger and is a bit of a lecherous dog.
• Alistair Spenlow: London's latest fashionable interior designer; a virile male lurks beneath his artsy, camp exterior.

• Walter Pangbourne: Linda's new love interest. Walter is a stiff, slightly stuffy and conservative businessman.
• Felicity Jane Wilkinson: A call centre operator and Henry's new love interest. A bit on the kooky side, Felicity is quick to strip down to her under-wear. Runs around wrapped only in a sheet.
• Olive Harriet Smythe: An eccentric, dog-loving, imposing, no-sex-please lady with a somewhat butterfly mind. Miss Smythe is a very successful author of children's books.
• Sylvie: The Markham's gorgeous Swiss au pair with a hearty accent; she becomes the focus of Alistair's attention and appears in a short nightie onstage.


Any queries: Sean Dwyer can be contacted on 021 115 7730 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register your interest: Please email Jason Wing
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.