2019 Frankenstein webSeason: 30 March ~ 13 April 2019

A drama by Bo List based on the Mary Shelley novel.
Directed by Lorna Ashton

24hr clockHappening: 26 ~ 27 April 2019

YES, we are doing this again. We had such a wonderful time with this challenge that we cannot wait to do it again. The plays put on blew us away in the short time they had to devise them.
This will be happening in April next year and details will come out as soon as we have them ready to go.

theatre new zealand logo headerHappening: 7 ~ 9 June 2019

Hamilton Playbox will be hosting a local competition in June this year. All successful participants will progress to the Regional and then if lucky enough to the Nationals in Wellington. Details will be out early next year.

2019 TLTWATW webSeason: 6 ~ 20 July 2019

An adaption by Joseph Robinette from C.S. Lewis.
Directed by Coryn Knapper

2019 DialMForMurder webSeason: 12 ~ 26 October 2019

Written by Frederick Knott, based on the Alfred Hitchcock crime mystery.
Directed by Jason Wing